What Does A Migraine Aura Look Like?

Unless you experience migraine attacks, it can be difficult to know what does a migraine aura look like. Around 20-25% of the time, people experience a migraine aura before a migraine attack. A migraine aura is basically a “natural alert” that lets you know a migraine attack is about to hit. A migraine aura can last up to an hour before the actual headache. Migraine aura mostly causes visual disturbances although at times it can be sensory or olfactory as well.

Even though a migraine aura and migraine prodrome happen before a migraine attack, it is important to know the difference between them as both of these migraine stages look different. Knowing what a migraine prodrome is can help to differentiate the two and know the preventive measures to take. For many, a migraine prodrome happens before a migraine aura.

So what does a migraine aura feel like? Some of our #MigraineWarriors described what they see and feel:

1) Many people said a migraine aura looks like seeing blind spots especially when they are trying to read either on the computer or reading a book like this:


2) Others said the migraine aura looks like bright camera flashes:


3) Many people experience olfactory migraine aura – either smelling things that aren’t there or a heightened sense of smell


4) Some people reported having double vision during a migraine aura


5) Many people see bright flashes and different colors during a migraine aura


6) Often those colors appear in circular zig-zag lines


7) A lot of people say the migraine aura causes blindness which sets in gradually and results in about 75-80% of blindness


8) Sometimes, a migraine aura can appear like blank TV channel fuzz before the blindness sets in


Many people who experience migraine attacks say that when you get a migraine aura, it’s better if you take your medication. Some lifestyle adjustments are also helpful in ensuring you stay at the top of your game.

Even though migraine aura and migraine prodrome happen before a migraine attack, migraine aura is actually different from migraine prodrome.

One of the ways to get better control of migraine is to start tracking the migraine symptoms and triggers using a tracking app. This can help you identify certain times of the day when you may experience a migraine. It can also help you to identify what the symptoms look like for you. This is important as the symptoms of a migraine look different for different people.

One migraine tracking app you can try is Migraine Buddy. Migraine Buddy is a free tracking app for all and is used by 3.3 million people. It contains nifty features to help you better control migraine, such as informative and helpful content to enable you to better take control of migraine. You can track migraine symptoms, migraine triggers, and even potential migraine relief methods. With an electronic headache diary like Migraine Buddy, you can have a set of migraine records for your migraine doctor. This will also help you to know what to expect for your migraine doctor appointment. Start tracking your migraine aura now and live the best life you can as a #MigraineWarrior.

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Jenny from Migraine Buddy

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