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While science has not yet studied the impact of weather on migraine sufferers, you have been more than 600,000 to report weather as a trigger in the app. We decided to reach you out and hear why you think weather might be affecting you. Many of you mentioned that “you have a barometer in your head” and can feel changes in the weather without looking at the weather forecast. This pushed us into exploring how weather may affect migraine sufferers and design tools to help you cope with high risk weather days.

Why should you get this report?

The weather & migraine report is a report specifically designed to help you determine your weather vulnerability for a particular location.

Have you ever thought about the following questions?

  • Am I sensitive to weather?
  • What should I do if it is a high weather risk day?
  • Is my city at risk for migraine sufferers?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you might be interested in this report.

How can you get this report?

How to get the report:

  1. Subscribe to MBplus here (opens in the app)
  2. Before the end of the month:
  3. Log all your attacks in the app
  4. Make sure each attack has weather information attached to it
  5. Receive your report on day 4 of the following month

How can you interpret this report?

Want to know more about Weather & Migraine?

If you want to learn more about weather & Migraine, you can have a look at our latest webinar!

What’s the science behind this report?

To generate your own weather report we just need you to record 3 attacks in the app over the last 3 months. If you haven’t recorded enough attacks we’ll kindly let you know when you receive your report.

The more attacks you have recorded, the more our calculations will be accurate. We define confidence levels as show below:

To calculate your weather score we are using the following weather factors:

  • Pressure variation
  • Humidity
  • Temperature variation
  • UV Index variation

We calculate weather variations up to 48 hours before each of your attack records started.

Check below to see details on the weather variation calculation:

Your weather variations are then normalised and standardised to make sure:

  • You can compare your score with others in the community
  • You can compare your own score overtime

Not a premium user yet?

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We hope these reports will add value to your migraine journey and don’t forget to let us know if they’ve been helpful for you at! 💕 Wishing you a migraine-free day, Jenny and the Migraine Buddy Team

Jenny from Migraine Buddy

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