Weather and Migraine Webinar II – What’s New in Migraine Buddy

We heard that many people had requested another session of our Weather and Migraine webinar and so we’ve brought it back—just in time with our latest Spicy Mango app update that includes new and improved weather features! ?

Watch the webinar below or read on for a quick summary of what’s new!



In this webinar, Christophe recaps on the topics discussed previously:

– Migraine Risk and Threshold

– Risk Factors

– Weather-Related Risk Factors

– Measuring Your Exposure to Pressure Variations

– Pressure Forecast and Risk Mitigation

He also shared about how the latest Spicy Mango updates in Migraine Buddy can help you mitigate weather risk factors. Below is an overview of what we have improved on for both iOS and Android versions of the app:



Here are the noteworthy changes that are relevant to our weather-related features:





Vertical Home Screen



Pressure Forecast

Renamed to “Pressure Variation Forecast”

Relocated back on Home Screen!

Scroll down to find the Pressure Variation Forecast

Access now on Home Screen!

Scroll down to find the Pressure Variation Forecast

48-hour Pressure Variation Forecast


The next 48 hours of forecast is ALWAYS AVAILABLE, and
if you need more than that, we provide up to 7 days of
forecast in MBplus. ?

We know how important this feature is for everyone and
it was never our intention to remove it. All other free
features in the app WILL ALWAYS REMAIN FREE.

Pressure Variation Graph

A fixed scale is now used to display the graph.

The previous graph was difficult to use as shared by
many users. With this new graph layout, it will be
easier to visualize patterns in variations!

Your current location is now also shown on the graph!

Weather information (temperature, humidity, etc.)



Retrieve the information when you edit your location
under “Settings”.

Units of Measurement

Adjust your preferred units of measurement in

Daily Alerts for Pressure Variation Forecast



Replaced the previous minimum/maximum pressure alert.

Reaching a minimum/maximum pressure level does not
correlate with how quickly or strongly pressure varies,
which is the weather factor that increases migraine
risk for many people.

Legend for Pressure Variations

? LOW: under 6mbar / .18 inHg

? MODERATE: between 6mbr / .18 inHg & 10mbar / .30

? HIGH: above 10mbar / .30 inHg

Here, we are referring to the VARIATIONS in pressure –
measured by the maximum pressure minus minimum
pressure. It is NOT the specific pressure level but
rather the variations (drop or rise) that impact your

Suggestions for future updates

You can now share your suggestions and vote for the
next feature that you wish to have in the upcoming
releases! ?


Weather Advanced Reports (MBplus subscribers only)

For our MBplus subscribers, you can now retrieve the history of your Advanced Reports in-app! Follow the images shown below to see how you can get them in three different ways.

What do you think about these updates? If you have suggestions on what you would like to see next in the app, feel free to send a message to us at or leave your feedback here. We are absolutely open to hearing your comments to make the app better for you! ?

As with the previous webinars, we have discount codes available for everyone who has watched the webinar! ? 

Fill in your feedback for the webinar in this typeform link and you’ll be able to receive the code for a special $20 discount off our MBplus annual subscription!

If an annual plan sounds like it’s too much commitment at this point, you can also try MBplus free for 7 days! 



Jenny from Migraine Buddy

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