Tips to Cope With Sound Sensitivity for Migraine Warriors

When a migraine strikes, there’s almost no escape from experiencing symptoms such as sound sensitivity. Unfortunately, just like migraine, there is no known cure for such heightened sensitivities.

However, there are ways by which we can cope with these sensitivities! Proper management of the sensitivity to sound can make the migraine headaches less painful and more bearable. Below, we’re sharing some tips to help you get started on coping with sound sensitivity:


1. Avoid loud gatherings


This probably goes without saying. For many of us, loud noises can trigger migraine attacks and also exacerbate them. Wherever possible, do try to avoid places that have high noise volumes such as concerts, big parties, stadiums, theaters, etc.

At places where you’ll have little control over the noise level, like religious gatherings and workplaces, try to situate yourself as far away from the source of noise as possible! ?


2. Get noise-canceling devices


There are many noise-canceling devices marketed commercially today. These devices may be in the form of a headphone or a plug that can be fixed in the ear.

It is not enough to purchase the noise-canceling devices; they also need to be with us at all times! Since it is difficult to predict when or where loud noises may be encountered, it would be the most helpful if you are always prepared with the devices. ?


3. Use thick drapes and carpets at home


Thick and heavy drapes should be employed when covering windows. Thick curtains help to reduce the amount of noise that enters a specific room.

As it may not be feasible to make your whole house sound-proof, you can consider setting up one particular room with thick curtains and carpets to absorb external environment noises. In addition to sound absorption, thick drapes can also help to reduce the amounts of light rays that enter the room! ? 


4. Use a noise machine


Aside from common devices like noise-canceling headphones, there’s also something called a white noise machine. These machines produce mild, television static-like sounds that reduce the intensity of louder sounds.

While noise machines have been generally popularized to aid with sleep and relaxation, the purpose of blocking out general noise can potentially be useful for migraine warriors who struggle with sound sensitivity during an attack.

We hope that these tips can be helpful for you to get some ideas on coping with heightened senses during a migraine. Do you have any other tips that were not mentioned here? Share them with the community in the chat group below! ?



Jenny from Migraine Buddy

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