Volunteers to help the community, Remote, global
  • Support and coaching of community [forums]
  • Content creator [Video]
  • Light touch coaching 1 to 1 [1 to 1]
  • Early release tester [UX improvement]
  • Early release torture master [Find rare bugs]
  • Content Reviewer in [English and beyond]
  • Research curator [Do you love pubmed?]

    Contact Jenny@healint.com if you wish to join as a volunteer.
    Important: it should be something you really enjoy doing and will not generate stress.
    Your health comes first!
    Also, we are just starting and need to build our organization to help volunteers, we will limit it to 5 volunteers by end of September for now.

Employee, Singapore based & Remote
  • Product growth manager (remote, global)
  • Product marketing growth (remote, global)
  • Designer (Remote, global)
  • Intern Engineering, design, business (Singapore & Remote, global)
  • IOS developer (Singapore)
  • Android developer (Singapore)
  • Web developer (Singapore)
  • Front-end React.native (Singapore)
  • Data-Scientist (Singapore)

    Contact Contact@healint.com

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