Retinal Migraine Symptoms


What Are Some Common Retinal Migraine Symptoms?

If you are experiencing visual symptoms in one eye, you might be experiencing retinal migraine symptoms. Generally, retinal migraine attacks are short and last between five to 60 minutes. 

Retinal migraine symptoms often begin with visual symptoms in one eye. Some of these symptoms include temporary blindness, scintillations (twinkling lights) and/or scotoma (areas of decreased or lost vision). We may experience a headache alongside, or after the visual disturbances.

Retinal Migraine VS Ocular Migraine?

While the symptoms of retinal migraine VS ocular migraine (or migraine with aura) may be similar to, there are key differences between the two conditions. For example, retinal migraine symptoms occur in one eye only while the visual symptoms of migraine with aura occur in both eyes.

Retinal Migraine Causes

While research on the causes and cure for retinal migraine is still inconclusive, tracking visual disturbances has been known to help people to see any observable patterns in the migraine attacks and even differentiate the migraine attacks we experience. 

Tracking Retinal Migraine Symptoms

Many people from our #MigraineBuddy community reported visual disturbances as a symptom before a migraine attack. Start tracking visual symptoms to take control of migraine now!

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