My Migraine Journey – Ana

My Migraine History

I am from Belgium and I live in Belfast. I am 14 years old. My favourite colour is purple and it also keeps me calm.

I started having migraines in 2015 when I was just 9 years old. When I had a migraine for the first time, I had no idea what it was and why there was this dot thing in my vision. I had a very bad first migraine, the prodrome was 10 minutes, and the migraine was an hour, but the postdrome was the worst I had a pounding headache for 24hrs nonstop and nothing helped.


Ever since then my migraines have gotten a lot worse and longer. The first one felt so painful because I had never felt something like this before, but when I compare it to what I have today it wasn’t all that bad. My triggers are when I am hungry, cold, or warm. I get nauseous, pounding headaches, dizziness, and more. I usually get my migraines a 7/10 pain level. I have a family history of migraines—both my mum and dad got migraines in their childhood but they both tell me that theirs were nothing compared to mine.

The People Around Me 

My dad is always the most understanding and supportive, he’s the best!

The Effect of Migraine on My Life

I get them a lot when I’m school because you aren’t allowed to eat whenever you want or wear more or less depending on the weather.

What I’ve Tried

I use Imigran and it helps so much. My migraines felt so much worse without Imigran!

How I Cope On Unbearable Days 

I have to stay calm.

How Migraine Buddy Helps Me

I recommend it 110%! It has helped me in knowing what helped me get through my migraines in the past, it has helped me stay connected with my doctor.

When you have a migraine, stay calm. And when you aren’t having one, appreciate it! ??

– Ana

Thank you, Ana, for stepping forward to share your migraine journey with the community.

When you share your stories, it not only helps others but you heal in the process too. If you would like to share your story and let your voice be heard like Ana, you may do so here:

With love, Jenny and the Migraine Buddy Team

Jenny from Migraine Buddy

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