#MyMigraineInColors – What’s Yours?

In our previous article, we shared about the impact that different colors may have on migraine attacks. While we were on this topic of colors, we also asked on our socials and email newsletter how you would describe your migraine in colors!


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We were intrigued to see how everyone associated their migraine with various colors – the most common colors being those in the shades of red and black!

Let’s look at some of the vivid descriptions that Migraine Buddy users have shared about their migraine:


Reds & Blacks

A deep, pulsing red – it’s almost as if my nervous system is signaling “red alert” during a migraine attack.

Brown and Black scribbled together. Like in the movie The Ring, when people would scribble over faces in pictures. That’s my migraines. Add some zigs and zags on top and around the back for where hammers slam down and zap pain into my head.

Black with silver flashes synchronized with my heart rate.

Pure black or blood red, sometimes blinding white.

Screaming red. And then some foggy grey.



Shades of yellow were also a popular choice of color as many migraine warriors experience light sensitivity during their migraine:

Bright yellow because of light sensitivity but black because of how painful it is

Black, very black with yellow lightning strikes and very painful!

Red because it’s angry and yellow because all the light that it’s angry about.

Gold during the aura, then afterward I feel like my head is full of cotton balls so white.


Every other color!

A single color is sometimes not enough to describe the intensive experience of a migraine. Some users would associate a rainbow color or multiple colors during different stages of their migraine:

I think it would be pink because that’s my favorite color and when I get my migraine, I try to think positively so pink is the first color that pops up.

Grey blob with a sparkly zig-zagging rainbow around it

Rainbow ? sparkling kaleidoscope ☹

Silver with a touch of blue egg, opening up into a pattern until its wide enough and big enough and then disappears.

Grey, pulsating with other colors, depending on the intensity. White for 4-5, purple for 5-6, red for anything higher.

Because of an attack, it would definitely be a confusing rainbow in neon colors. And normally I would say an ice blue maybe. 

Brown/orange with bright purple strikes. When I have migraine I’m dizzy, nauseous, confused… So I don’t know exactly why, but these colors fit my mood.

? Purple for my migraines ? Blue for my clusters ? Yellow for my headaches.

It can indeed be challenging to describe the pain of a migraine attack to someone who does not share the same experience – using colors as a description can be one way to express how you are feeling at the moment! ?

Don’t forget that you can always reach out to share your migraine reliefs with one another in the chat group below! Thank you to the community as always for being so engaging and helpful! ?



Jenny from Migraine Buddy

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