My Migraine Buddy Journey (Vol.1 – Angela)


I’m Angela, and I got to know of Migraine Buddy through my family/friends. I love the Migraine Buddy community and how it allows me to record so much information about different stages of my migraine. 

How has Migraine Buddy helped your migraine journey?

Migraine Buddy allows me to track triggers, maintain a calendar, and overall gave me a much better understanding of my migraine. It was especially helpful when I went to my neurologist and could show them how much I have been suffering. Migraine Buddy has given me a much better understanding of my migraine which has helped me treat/prevent them. 

I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who tells me they have a migraine. It is such a great place to talk with other migraine sufferers who can empathise with your situation and is a huge help in tracking. 

Some advice you’d like to share with new Migraine Buddy users?

To the people who are just starting out with Migraine Buddy, take advantage of the MB community! There are so many people that are suffering and it’s like a family of people who care and want to help and support.

MB has had a huge impact on my migraine journey. Just having the ease of tracking my pain level, triggers, auras, and meds used made such a difference, especially when talking to medical professionals. 

I can’t thank the Migraine Buddy team enough for all your hard work! 

Thank you for your kind words, Angela! ?

Love, the Migraine Buddy Team

Jenny from Migraine Buddy

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