7 Myths And Facts About Migraines

Get to know more about your migraines!

Learn to tell the facts from the myths.


  • Migraine is just a bad headache

  • Migraine is a psychological disorder caused by stress or depression

  • Migraine is not life-threatening, just annoying

  • Any doctor can recognise and treat migraine properly

  • Migraine is just something you have to live with

  • Everyone has a specific trigger for their migraines

  • Only women have migraines

  • A migraine attack only lasts for an hour

  • Only adults get migraines


  • Migraine is a genetic neurological disorder that includes severe headache and other symptoms

  • Migraine is not psychological but neurological in nature. Stress is a migraine trigger, not a cause

  • Migraine can be very dangerous as it may induces fatal conditions such as strokes or aneurysm.

  • Migraine is usually mis-diagnosed, mistreated. Not all physicians have adequate training to treat it properly

  • There are as many effective treatments and strategies to reduce the occurrence and pain level of migraines

  • Not everyone can identify their specific trigger. For some it’s a combination of things which may change over time

  • Men and women can get migraines

  • There is no set time for how long a migraine typically lasts but it is said to be anywhere between 4 and 72 hours

  • Children and teenagers can get migraines as well. The symptoms they show may however be different from adults

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