The Migraine World Summit 2019

During each day of the summit, you’ll have the opportunity to learn first-hand from over 30 of the world’s top migraine and headache experts, doctors, specialists, researchers, scientists, genetics, etc.

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Migraine Buddy
The Stages of A Migraine - Postdrome Phase

Often migraine sufferers believe a migraine to be over because the pain stage has subsided. However, many migraineurs have a feeling of hangover that has been labeled postdrome. For up to 24 hours, an array of symptoms occur that are less dramatic than the previous three stages but still can impair function and quality of life.

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Healint Singapore
Migraine-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas

Simply said, costumes start conversations. Furthermore, it’s a great opportunity for you to finally get the people around you to understand more about invisible illnesses in a more relaxed and fun setting without being too preachy.

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Emily Neo