Migraine News Roundup – February 2021 Edition

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Staying in the loop about migraine topics isn’t easy when there’s so many other things to worry about (like when is this current attack going to end…?). The Migraine Buddy team sought some feedback from the community and we’ve decided to introduce monthly roundups of news and updates about migraine treatments, research, as well as other relevant subjects.

Each month, the Migraine Buddy team will select 3-5 content pieces that caught our attention and provide information which we believe can be insightful for the community. They are listed in no particular order, and here are our picks for February:

Researchers Uncover Potential Link Between Migraine and Asthma

An analysis of 15 published studies of more than 1 million individuals, one of the largest retrospective study to date, was performed to investigate the link between asthma and migraine.

The researchers found that asthma patients have a higher risk of migraine; also, having migraine is a risk indicator of asthma. While this finding requires further investigation, this may help in preventing or identifying patients suffering from both asthma and migraine.


Improved Functional Outcomes Among Migraineurs Taking Aimovig®

In a 12-week study involving 246 patients who experience 4 to 14 migraine days per month and have failed 2 to 4 migraine preventives, the researchers observed that those who took Aimovig showed improvements in functional and physical status, and work productivity, compared to those who did not take Aimovig.


Excedrin Products Recalled For Safety Issues

Last December, several Excedrin products have been recalled in the United States, including two products labeled for migraine attacks.

Some of the bottles might have a hole at the bottom, which may allow children to access and swallow the product. Remember to store the bottle out of sight of children. If you find a hole in your bottle, please follow the instructions in the link below to return it.


Jenny from Migraine Buddy

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