Migraine Journey Wednesday (Vol.25 – Daniel Dingeldein)

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My Migraine History

I’m 52 this year and I’m from the United States. I’ve had migraines since I was a child, maybe one or two a year. Twelve years ago, when I was 40, they started, out of the blue, 24/7. The only thing that would change would be the intensity. 

I went to two headache specialists in my area with minimal luck. We would find something that would work then a month later they wouldn’t work. Finally, I got sent to ‘D’ Headache Clinic 2 years ago and started to get some relief. 

My triggers are heavy perfume smells, flowery smells,  low-pressure weather systems, loud noises, overly bright lights. On average, I now get 8-10 separate migraines on good months, one migraine that will last for several weeks on bad months. My migraines mostly comes from out of nowhere (think of being hit by a truck and you didn’t see it coming). Sometimes the migraine will start at my occipital nerves and radiate out from there. Those are the ones I can head off, most of the time.

The People Around Me 

I have a very supportive spouse who can tell when I’m not feeling well and makes me sit and take it easy or lay down. My kids are the same way. I use the spoon method at home, and they take spoons away more often than I do. My dog, Trooper, knows when I’m not feeling well and will be more loving and cuddly. (He’s an 80lbs 3-legged pit bull) 

The Effect of Migraines on My Life 

I can’t do things I enjoyed before. Attending films, concerts, clubs, even playing music (which was my profession). Sometimes I have to miss school performances because I don’t feel well, which I hate but my kids understand entirely. They want their dad to feel better.

On Days Things Get Unbearable 

Darkroom, dog, sunglasses or just lie in bed. 

Some Advice For My Fellow Migraineurs 

For me, it all comes down to energy usage. If there is something I want to do, I schedule my whole day around that one thing so I can enjoy it as much as I can. Also, it would be best to get a good support system! I don’t know what I would do without my family being there and supporting me. Find a friend or someone that you can talk to that is sympathetic to what you are going through. I would be that person if we could find a way to connect. 

Thank you, Daniel, for stepping forward to share your migraine journey with everyone. When you share your stories it not only helps other but you heal in the process too. If you would like to share your story and let your voice be heard like Daniel, you may do so here: bit.ly/2rJcpMR 

With love, the Migraine Buddy Team

Jenny from Migraine Buddy

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