Migraine Journey Wednesday (Vol.23 – Axel)

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Hello everyone, I’m 19 this year and I’m French.

My Migraine History 

My migraines started somewhere in my first year of college and during the second year, I had neurological treatment ( I guess it’s the equivalent in English). Not long after the end of the treatment, I started to feel like my eyes were trying to get out of my skull, it was really painful, then it moves around my head. The pain was always in a different spot, some days it was kind of okay such that I could get along with it but at other times, I almost passed out because of my migraine. 

I lived like this for almost 4 years, with constant pain. Sometimes the pain the pain would last just a few hours, sometimes it would last for 79hours non-stop (yes, I counted them).  I lasted through them without my parents taking me to the hospital (I wasn’t 18 then yet). 

At the beginning of October, one day the pain was so intense that I had to throw up and I slept for 6 hours after that. My mom came into my room to take my arterial pressure (she was thinking that I had faked it) and she realised that I had a very high arterial pressure and then I went to the emergency room. Now every time the pain starts I need to take 2 different pills.

The People Around Me 

The only people who I felt were truly supportive and understanding were my 3 cats and my girlfriend.

The Effect of Migraines on My Life 

It was really hard to do the daily tasks of a teenager, let alone focus in class. I could not go to parties because of my migraines, and I didn’t have a lot of friends because of that, etc. 

The Things I’ve Tried 

I tried the basics, anti-inflammatory, etc and none of them worked. I tried stone medicine with some amethyst around my neck, one in my pocket and the pain never went away. However, today I think I’ve found the right treatment, it’s a treatment for migraine that is usually given, but I’m still unsure of the results. I’d say I need to test more treatments..all of them.. before finding the one that releases me from my pain. 

On Days Things Get Unbearable 

When things get too hard to bear, I get very very mad and I start swearing but I do it because it helps me relieve stress despite sometimes increasing the pain that I feel.. In the past, music could relieve me but well not anymore. 

Some Advice for My Fellow Migraineurs 

Good luck, everyone, I hope that you’re not going through the phases that I had, I hope your pain doesn’t go from 6am in the morning to 9pm 6 days later. Sometimes I really wish that migraines didn’t exist at all, it’s ruining my life. Day after day it gets worse. 

Jenny from Migraine Buddy

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