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It’s not about suffering less, but about gaining more.

Good Days Created
As of 26 November 2021


What's a Good Day?

An entirely enjoyable day, where everything goes right. You have a productive day at work. Your family and you spend quality time together. You spend some time in nature, enjoying the sun on your skin. You can plan ahead and stick to your plan… and more!

These are some of the Good Days that our alumni have built and achieved after joining our program. The Good Day program is not to completely cure your migraine – as we all know, that’s not possible. Instead, we focus on food and lifestyle changes to gain control over your condition; a science-backed, all natural daily coaching method to create more Good Days of your own.

What is the Program?

Over the course of a few months, our professional migraine specialist coaches will guide you in identifying your migraine sensitivities and work with you on a personalised plan for increasing your Good Days.

The program consists of three phases:


Take stock of your current lifestyle patterns and focus on building the routine your body needs to enable future Good Days


Reset your system by following our daily food and lifestyle plan. Focus on getting to a “clean slate” and start creating your Good Days


Reassert control over your condition and expand your comfort zone to become your own Good Days expert

What Can You Expect?

  • A personal coach reaching out to you every day

  • A daily individualized plan and positive feedback loop

  • Specific guidance based on your needs

  • Lifetime access to all materials even after your plan expires

Want a Peek Into The Program?

Check out our demo video, where you can have a chat with our Head Coach, Isa, and learn more about the science behind making Good Days!

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