Massaging Migraine Pressure Points


Does massaging migraine pressure points really help?

No one wants an unexpected migraine attack to happen, especially if it is inconvenient for you to seek medical treatment for migraine when the migraine attacks happen. However, as a #MigraineWarrior, you can manage the migraine attacks and find relief from migraine by massaging pressure points. This is also known as acupressure.

Research has shown the efficacy of self-administered acupressure in improving fatigue when migraine attacks, as well as relieving nausea when complemented with sodium valproate.

It is important to note that while self-administered acupressure may help to alleviate migraine pain, remember to consult a doctor for migraine.

Massaging Migraine Pressure Points

Ear Pressure Points


1. Ear Gate / Ermen

Found at the point where the top of your ear and your temple meets. It may help relieve jaw and facial aches.

2. Ear Apex / Erjian

Found at the tip of the ear. It may help reduce swelling and alleviate pain.

Massaging Hand Migraine Pressure Points

1. Union Valley / Hegu

Found between the base of your thumb and index finger. This may help alleviate headaches.

Massaging Foot Pressure Points

1. Moving Point / Xingjian

Found in the valley between your big and second toes. Massaging this pressure point may mitigate pain in the jaw or face.

2. Above Tears / Zulinqi

Found between and slightly back from the fourth and fifth toes. Some studies have shown that acupuncture at this pressure point helps to mitigate pain better than medication.

3. Great Surge / Tai Chong

Found in the valley between the big toe and the second toe, between 1-2 inches back from the toes. Massaging this pressure point may help reduce anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

Massaging Other Migraine Pressure Points

1. Gates Of Consciousness / Feng Chi

Found at the two side-by-side hollow areas where your neck muscles and the base of your skull connect. Massaging this pressure point may help alleviate fatigue and reduce migraine symptoms.

2. Shoulder Well / Jian Jing

Found at the top of each shoulder, halfway to the base of your neck. Stimulating this pressure point may mitigate neck stiffness and reduce headaches and migraine pain.

Other Research Studies On Acupressure

Studies conducted in 2017 found that participants that received head and wrist acupressure alongside medicine sodium valproate had reduced migraine-related nausea compared to participants who only received medication. may help reduce nausea related to migraine.

In addition, research conducted in 2019 revealed the efficacy of self-administered acupressure in relieving migraine-related fatigue.

Acupressure Treatment – Bottom line

While there are a variety of ways you can adopt to relieve migraine pain, it is still essential to consult a licensed medical professional. Some professionals may even recommend acupuncture for migraine, which is a form of pressure point stimulation through the use of special, thin needles.

Ultimately, combining a variety of mitigation methods with sound lifestyle adjustments under the advice of a medical professional is the winning strategy for a #MigraineWarrior to take control of migraine.

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