Manage Your Migraines- Preparing For Subsequent Visits To The Doctor

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After you have been to the doctor for the first time to your doctor, whether for diagnosis or to your neurologist on referral from your general practitioner, in subsequent visits, your doctor may want to:

Maintain a treatment: After your doctor has gone through your migraine records and done the requisite check up, he may want to prescribe a treatment plan for you. He/she will most likely want you to continue and observe the effects of the treatment plan till your next appointment.

Modify your treatment plan: Your Migraine Buddy records over time can show whether your treatment is working or not. You can see the difference in your migraine before and after a certain treatment by filtering your migraine records to a particular date.If the treatment has not been effective enough, your doctor may choose to modify your treatment plan to help your migraines.

Go for a different approach (Botox, surgery): Your doctor may recommend you to get a specific procedure to reduce your migraines. This may include procedures such as Botox treatment or the Stellate Ganglion block. In order to be eligible for these procedures, insurance may require you to show migraine records. Feel free to discuss with your doctor or get a second opinion about these procedures – it also helps to speak to people who have gotten the procedures done previously! However, always remember, every migraineur is different so a treatment may work better for you even if it didn’t work for someone else.

Continuous tracking of your migraines can help you and your doctor better understand which treatment approach to adopt for your migraines. However, don’t be disappointed if your doctor doesn’t go through your records in detail or at all. Doctors are usually extremely busy and have only a limited time to allot to each patient. Your records will still make it easier for you to discuss your condition with him/her and will also help you better understand your migraines.

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