How to Record a Migraine?

Migraine Buddy questionnaire

Recording a migraine is a breeze. If diaries and pen and paper notes no longer work for you, Migraine Buddy offers an intuitive interface with an easy-to-use wizard style questionnaire to record every migraine parameter:

Each screen is related to a migraine parameter. One question per screen is asked and a list of answers is proposed. You just need to select yours:

  • Date & duration: Do you know when it started?

  • Pain intensity: How bad was it? 

  • Pain location: Where did the pain start? 

  • Drug treatment: Did you take any medication? 

  • Reliefs: How about any of these relief methods? 

  • Symptoms: Were you experiencing any of these symptoms? 

  • Auras: Did you sense it coming?

  • Impacts: How did it affect your activities?

  • Start location: Where were you when the migraine started?

  • Triggers: Can you guess what could have triggered it?

  • Menstruation: Were you having your menstrual cycles?

Migraine Buddy Summary

Once you have recorded all your migraine parameters, Migraine Buddy gives you a summary of your migraine.

There you can also add notes to give more details to your migraine!
And you have an automatic detection of the weather to give you the temperature, the humidity and the pressure when your migraine started!

To make the most of Migraine Buddy, please click here to get some tips !

Migraine Buddy Report

After recording several migraines, you will have access to an assessment of your migraines in the “Report” tab to show you the general trend of your migraines:

You can also get more advanced reports by clicking “Upgrade my reports!”.

Thanks to subscription, you will learn more about your triggers and symptoms compare to users with similar triggers, about how changes in weather elements might have affected your migraines… And it will allow to provide your doctor clear and complete records of your migraines to make more effective prescriptions!










Jenny from Migraine Buddy

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