Hormone and Migraine (Vol.4 – Can hormonal migraine attacks be successfully prevented today? )

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In this special short series about migraine we’ve learned that:

  • Almost the majority of women with migraine have some type of hormonal migraine.

  • The two main types of hormonal migraine are pure menstrual migraine and hormonally related migraine

  • Hormonal migraine attacks are also more severe, longer-lasting and even more resistant to some treatments.

  • Hormonal migraines will self-resolve for two-thirds of women in menopause. 

The big question still remaining is what can we do today to prevent hormonal migraine? Can hormonal migraine be successfully managed and prevented?

Dr. Hutchinson: “ Absolutely… there’s many ways we treat it…There is light at the end of the tunnel’. There’s hope. There’s an excellent chance you’re going to be a lot better. And I’m an example of that.”

If this series on hormonal migraine has been helpful and you still want more we encourage you to consider purchasing a copy of the full expert interview with Dr. Susan Hutchinson. In the interview she goes on to answer much more including:

  • What treatments can be used to effectively prevent hormonal migraine?

  • What treatments are most effective for an acute hormonal migraine attack?

  • What dosages are used?

  • Who are the best medical experts to help you manage hormonal migraine?

  • What natural treatments and approaches are effective?

  • What common procedure in women can make hormonal migraine worse?

  • What to do during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

  • How to handle hormonal migraine during perimenopause and menopause?

  • And much more. 

We know first-hand how one piece of information can completely change the course of treatment for you or someone you love. Research has also shown that informed patients get better, faster. 

For a full list of the questions answered visit the order page >>

This expert interview with Dr. Susan Hutchinson on hormonal migraine is available for a limited time for just $9.97. Included in your order is the full video, audio file and transcript for you to keep so you can refer to the exact treatment or doses mentioned. 

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