Essential Migraine Tips to Get Ready for Holidays: Part I

December’s here—which means that it’s almost time for the big holidays of the year! ? 

But these occasions can be quite a nightmare to get through, even for someone without migraine. How can we then, as migraine warriors, prepare ourselves to take on the holiday season and tackle our migraine at the same time?

In our two-part Holiday Essentials blog series, we will be sharing some tips to hopefully get you started on the preparations, minimize your pain, and maximize your treat! ?


Shop early for your Christmas gifts

When you have a migraine, shopping centers are the last place you want to go, especially during Christmas time. It is crowded, with bright lights and Christmas decorations being an affront to your eyes, and repetitive Christmas songs constantly ringing in your ears. What’s more, we are still in a pandemic so such crowded places are definitely not recommended

With more retailers moving to the digital space, it is now much easier to order your Christmas presents online and have them delivered right to your doorstep! Save yourself the hassle of last-minute buying (which causes SO MUCH unnecessary stress) and order your gifts as early as today!


Speaking of which, our very own Migraine Buddy Store is currently running a 15% storewide promotion for all of our merchandise products! If you are looking for some gift ideas for a fellow migraine warrior, now’s the time to take your pick from our variety of designs and items. ?


Pick alternatives for Christmas decorations

We know a real Christmas pine tree is key for an authentic Christmas atmosphere in your living room. However, strong smells are amongst the most common migraine triggers, so if you noticed the pine scent to be one of your triggers, opt for a realistic artificial tree or even a low-scent variety of tree. 

Scented candles are also very popular during the holidays; but if you are sensitive to strong smells, such decorations could bring about a migraine real quick. Instead, use natural ambience scents and real spices! You can very easily slice oranges or lemons, boil them in a pan with a couple of cinnamon sticks to freshen the house beautifully without the added chemicals!

Don’t forget about the Christmas lights as well! Light sensitivity is a common symptom experienced before/during/after an attack so bright flickering lights are not really the most comfortable to look at. Always use the static mode and limit yourself to a couple of decorations in your house!


Stick to your regular routine

Migraine hates irregularities and loves routine. The sooner you start having a balanced lifestyle, the easier it will be to get through the Christmas season.

If you haven’t already, try to stick to regular sleeping times; everyone is different so finding the right number of hours for you to feel rested and energized is quite personal. You can even start meditating 10 days before if it is not already part of your routine. Get to know your triggers, take note of what impacts your condition and adapt your routine in accordance.


Set aside an emergency kit

All in all, despite these preparations, migraine can still take you by surprise especially if uncontrollable factors surface (like sudden weather changes). Your best bet now is to quickly get a hold of your most effective reliefs to treat the pain and symptoms.

If you are on the move, make sure to keep this emergency kit in the car so it follows you wherever you go. You’ll need water, ginger candies, little snacks, instant coffee or tea bags, ice packs, and also things to comfort your senses such as earplugs and an eye mask. You can add extra medications, painkillers, anti-nausea medicine, and sickness bags!

With this migraine warrior preparation, you will minimize the risks of letting migraine ruin your holidays and maximize your chances to enjoy yourself with your family and friends—this is the atmosphere that makes this season so special! It is essential to be prepared but how you manage the marathon itself is also key. Keep a lookout for more tips in the next part of our blog series!

Jenny from Migraine Buddy

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