Helpful Tips For Summer Migraine Relief

Can you take the heat? Summer migraine might be familiar to some of us, especially if you experience more migraine attacks during this time of the year. Understanding why summer triggers migraine attacks will be beneficial in helping us take active steps to control migraine attacks, whether in rain or shine.

How Do Summer Trigger Migraine Attacks?

Headache specialist, Emad Estemalik from the Cleveland Clinic acknowledged that seasonal changes are potential triggers for migraine[1]

Glaring Light Exposure

Higher Risk Of Mild Dehydration

  • Higher outdoor temperatures make us more susceptible to mild dehydration or even heat strokes if we do not consume sufficient water. While scientific research has shown that dehydration may not cause migraine directly, many have reported that dehydration is a risk factor for summer migraine triggers.

Barometric Pressure Changes

  • As summer also brings about frequent thunderstorms, it can drastically change the barometric pressure, which is the measurement of atmospheric air pressure. This often triggers migraine attacks for many of us. In fact, some people experiencing migraine attacks, who are sensitive to weather or seasonal change, can even “sense” a migraine coming whenever the weather is changing, making them a “human barometer”! It is important to note that changes in barometric pressure may not be the (only) trigger due to weather changes. Seasonal and weather changes lead to changes in humidity, UV exposure, and so on.

Essential Tips On Avoiding Summer Migraine Triggers

Here are some tips for you to enjoy the summer and keep migraine attacks at bay:

Stay Hydrated

  • This is true regardless of the season but staying hydrated is especially important during summer to prevent a potential summer migraine[2]. Water is your best bet here while electrolyte-based drinks can help to replenish lost sodium through sweat-loss. While sodas and iced teas are refreshing options, be aware of other substances within the beverages that might be a trigger, such as caffeine and so on. 

Put On Your Sunglasses 

Choose Indoor Activities

  • As heat, glare, and humidity are risk factors for migraine, choose indoor activities instead, such as yoga, indoor swimming, and so on. Slow activities, like yoga, may help be helpful for migraine control as it helps us to regulate our stress levels. This reduces the probability of heat exertion and helps us to avoid the above risk factors.

Use A Tracking App

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