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Developed with clinical leaders in migraine and headache medicine

Peter Goadsby

MD, Ph.D., DSc Professor, UCLA
Goldberg Migraine Program

David W Dodick

Professor of Neurology, Mayo Clinic
College of Medicine

Stephen Silberstein

MD, Professor of Neurology
Thomas Jefferson University

Dr Jonathan Ong

MBBS (Singapore), M Med (Internal Medicine) (Singapore), FAMS (Neurology), FRCP (Edinburgh). Clinical Director, Division of Neurology, National University Hospital Singapore

Why should patients track their migraines with Migraine Buddy?

It may take time for doctors to work out the best treatment for patients, who may need to try several types of medications before identifying the most effective one. Tracking migraines through a diary or journal is one way to do it. Not only can it help keep track of what’s going on with your disease, but it is also one of the best ways to provide information to the doctor, such as the onset of headaches and other associated symptoms, frequency, location of pain,” says Dr. Ong. “Moreover, patients may take charge of their headaches by learning to avoid known trigger factors and treating them early, based on warning symptoms before the headache starts.”

Ensure Quality Consultation

  • Migraine Impact Reports present migraine and medication insights in an easy-to-read format that speeds up decision-making

  • The Migraine Buddy platform helps users play a bigger role in managing their condition

  • Migraine Buddy only collects clinically relevant data points on migraine and headache attacks

Enhance Patient Satisfaction

  • Seamlessly record migraine attacks, triggers, symptoms, medication intake with the convenience of the smartphone

  • Enpower patients with increased visibility on their condition and gaining the ability to communicate on it

  • Migraine Buddy offers community support and curated migraine content

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