Dealing With Anxiety & Stress Over Uncontrollable Factors

Factors that are beyond our control can cause so much anxiety and stress, and even trigger more migraine attacks for some of us. We know it’s incredibly difficult to be managing migraine on top of everything else happening in your life ?

While we are practicing social distancing during this critical period, we’ve got some ideas on how to take your mind off the stressful matters and focus on things that are more value-adding to you:

  • Learn a new language online

  • Clear your reading list of books

  • Declutter your room (and re-decorate it while you’re at it!)

  • Meditate

  • Paint (or draw, whichever is your preference!)

  • Join the MBplus community and learn more about your migraine

Within MBplus, we’ve got a ton of programs designed specifically to help you better manage various aspects of life with migraine – from diet tips to relief methods and even more coming up soon! Share with us which programs you’ve tried and if you’re not an MBplus subscriber yet, hop on the journey with us now! Click the button below to join MBplus now ?

All Programs.png

The importance of a strong support network cannot be emphasized enough during these trying times. Feel free to reach out to anyone in the Migraine Buddy community if you need help or just someone to chat with. We’ll be here for you. ?


Jenny from Migraine Buddy

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