What is this initiative about?

Migraine is an invisible chronic disease. It’s time to help each other! You won’t know if someone suffers from it until you have a conversation. Awareness is low, and it’s often misunderstood.


The Community is GreaT

There is help at hand! Through the ‘Dare to Share’ initiative, Migraine Buddy is encouraging everyone to dare to start a conversation about migraine. Show others that by tracking your migraine triggers and patterns, it can greatly help in reducing migraine days. Share and learn. Let’s help each other take control of our lives! A small act of sharing can make all the difference to someone.

We dare you to share and help someone!

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Share on social media or print this flyer off and leave it somewhere creative - the coffee shop, the doctors office, pass it to your fave teacher at school.. the options are endless if you #daretoshareMB!


Share Share Share

Here, you can share these images to your social media pages, share via invite in the Migraine Buddy app, and you can even use these as printables to leave at your doctors office or even on a public noticeboard! It’s such a simple act, but you never know who you’d be able to help.

Those who dare to share the most

The Migraine Buddy team is excited and we love hearing from you! This initiative is about starting conversations and sharing knowledge. We want to see how you share! To make it more fun, remember to use the hashtag ‘#DareToShareMB’.

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