Attack Estimated End Time (IOS only)

Did you know that “missed work” or “social activity” has been recorded more than 2 million times by users in Migraine Buddy as a result of their migraine attacks?

Not being able to do what you are expected to do—be it work, family, or social obligations—can be a great source of guilt. It adds stress and anxiety to the already overwhelming migraine symptoms, making it even harder to cope. 😢

What if you could know when your attack might end?

Having more visibility of when the attack will end allows you to be better prepared – getting the necessary medications, rearranging your activities, and maintaining your emotional wellness for example.

We’ve recently developed an exclusive feature available for MBplus subscribers to help you do so! How does it work?

Your migraine profile is compared to millions of others. With artificial intelligence, an estimated end time of the current attack is calculated based on your past similar attacks (type and treatment) and users who seem to react like you.

Bonus: share your real-time migraine status with your relatives

No need for your relatives to keep checking on you and adding more pressure on your shoulders! This feature enables you to share a link with anyone you want so that they can see when you will be back on track. The information updates in real-time according to what you add/modify from your record.

We hope this new feature will support you in reducing migraine days and feel free to share with us any feedback that you have about the feature at!


Jenny and the Migraine Buddy Team

Jenny from Migraine Buddy

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