Actionable Programs

Speed up your journey with action plans designed by world-leading migraine experts. Take actions to gain controlover your migraine journey in areas like diet, emotional and relationship management, triggers and relief methods and more.

Popular Programs in MBplus

– Weather Trends and Migraine

– Get Food Cravings Under Control

– Is Your Migraine Related to Hormones?

– 10 Tips and 5 Recipes for a Migraine-Friendly Diet

Here are some tips on how to make the most out of the programs:

1 – Take your time: results don’t come overnight!

Discover how the programs are structured and acquire in-depth knowledge. But remember: it is by implementing the actions set out in the programs that you can achieve long-lasting changes in your life and eventually reduce your migraine days!

2 – To support you in completing a program, share your progress with the community within the chats accessible in each program.

Don’t be shy, you’re not alone in this journey! You can even share on social media with the hashtag #challengemigraine if you’d like!

3 – Print out the templates and guides available within each program.

Taking MBplus with you into the “real world” is one way to make your efforts concrete and support you on both “good” and “bad” days!

Let us know how many programs you’ve completed and what you would like to see next! Drop us a message at 💕


Jenny and the Migraine Buddy Team

Jenny from Migraine Buddy

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