7-Day Pressure Variation Forecast

You might fall into one of these categories when we discuss about pressure variations and migraine:

  • Low sensitivity: rarely experience symptoms after high variations
  • Medium sensitivity: sometimes experience symptoms after high variations
  • High sensitivity: always experience symptoms after high variations

So now that we know everyone has a different sensitivity to pressure variations, how can we then manage our migraine around the weather?

Let’s look at Sarah’s migraine story:

Sarah has a medium sensitivity to

pressure variations, so she sometimes experiences symptoms after high variations in pressure.

There is not much she can do to hide from them… But there are two things she has under control:

  1. Minimizing the risk of experiencing an attack/symptoms
  2. Planning ahead to limit the consequences of a potential attack

1 – How does Sarah minimize the risk of having symptoms?

As someone who experiences migraine, Sarah is sensitive to sudden and consequent changes such as irregular sleep, diet or exercise routine, stressful times, hormonal imbalance, and even weather variations.

The accumulation of these different sources of stress on her body can increase the risk of having a migraine attack.

Sarah watches for moderate or high pressure variations in the 7-Day Pressure Variation Forecast on Migraine Buddy’s “Me”/Home screen.

When moderate to high pressure variations are expected, she takes steps to make sure she won’t accumulate more stress for her body:

  • Maintain a migraine-friendly and consistent diet
  • Go to bed at 10pm daily and not oversleep during the weekends
  • Avoid drinking alcohol on Friday nights
  • Practice meditation in the mornings to reduce her anxiety

Sarah focuses on the stressors she can control and by doing so, she minimizes her risk of having an attack when high pressure variations occur.

2 – How does Sarah plan ahead to limit the consequences of a potential attack

Even though Sarah takes measures to reduce the risk of having an attack, pressure variations can sometimes still trigger symptoms. When the 7-Day Pressure Forecast shows moderate or high variations, Sarah adapts her plans:

  • Reschedule demanding social activities
  • Complete energy-demanding duties ahead of time such as grocery shopping and house cleaning
  • Cook migraine-friendly meals and store them in the freezer
  • Inform family and friends that she might be less available for one or two days
  • Ensure that her emergency kit is ready: water, medication, mints, ice packs

Even though she could not avoid the migraine attack, she was able to gain visibility of it ahead of time and this relieves her from much anxiety and guilt.

We hope Sarah’s story gave you more understanding of how this feature can help you take control!


Jenny and the Migraine Buddy Team

Jenny from Migraine Buddy

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