4 Home Remedies For Migraine


Acute Home Remedies For Migraine And Headaches

Home remedies for migraine are helpful if we had a migraine attack at home and our family doctor is unavailable. While the doctor’s prescriptions are helpful preventive and acute measures, migraine home remedies are helpful to provide some acute pain relief. Home remedies should be easy to make and highly accessible too! You can try some of these home remedies to manage the symptoms of the migraine attack:

  • Cold/warm compresses: An ice pack or cold compress is both handy and easy to make! Some of us may prefer a warm compress but it’s important not to leave them on for longer than 15 minutes.
  • Head massages: Scalp massages can enable blood circulation, which may relieve pain. For some of us who experience migraine due to stress, head massages can also relieve stress and tension.
  • Essential oils: While some of us may be highly sensitive to strong smells, recent research has shown that lavender oil may help to alleviate migraine pain.
  • Sleep: Sometimes, the best pain reliever is just quality, uninterrupted sleep. Getting quality sleep also means avoiding too little/too many sleeping hours while practicing good sleep hygiene, such as avoiding screens before bed. Sleep disorders are often associated with migraine. You may even opt for pillows that enable proper sleeping posture!
  • OTC medication: Some over-the-counter (OTC) migraine cocktails are easy to make at home. Some common migraine cocktail ingredients include acetaminophen, aspirin and caffeine. While they are often effective, you have to consult a medical professional to assess the suitability.

Preventive Home Remedies For Migraine And Headaches

Some preventive migraine home remedies include eating the right food and supplements. Here are some preventive food migraine home remedies:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids. Found to reduce the duration of attacks when they are regularly incorporated into their diet. However, they do not have any effect on the frequency or severity of attacks. Some foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids include walnuts, salmon, cod fish etc.
  • Magnesium supplement pills: Magnesium oxide supplements can help prevent migraine with aura so consult your doctor to find out more. Some foods also contain magnesium, such as leafy greens etc.
  • Coffee/tea: This is a tricky one. For some, caffeine triggers migraine while for others, caffeine actually helps to alleviate migraine pain. Different foods work for different people so make sure you are well aware of the effects of these foods on migraine symptoms.

While there is no cure for migraine, you can still take control of migraine through tracking. Tracking enables you to identify the best coping method and migraine home remedies for you. You can also track the migraine attacks and identify potential risk factors that might trigger the migraine attack. Download your Migraine Buddy app now!

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