4 Celebrities With Migraine You May Not Know


Have you known of any celebrities with migraine? Well, a disease like migraine is no respecter of (famous) persons. Here are 4 famous celebrities with migraine that you may not know:

Ben Affleck: While directing Gone, Baby, Gone, the Daredevil actor had a migraine attack so bad it sent him to the hospital. His advice? “A regular sleep schedule helps prevent migraines. Go to bed and get up at the same time every day, even on weekends.” This sounds like good sleeping habits for migraine!

Janet Jackson: In 2008, Janet Jackson canceled a string of concerts after suffering from vestibular migraine headaches. Vestibular migraine symptoms are often associated with vertigo, ie. dizziness.

Serena Williams: Pro tennis player Serena Williams experienced a migraine attack so bad that it affected her performance during a tennis tournament. Later, she learned that her migraine attack is related to her menstrual cycle. This does explain why period migraine is a thing for women.

Khloé Kardashian: Despite her glitzy and luxurious life, Khloé Kardashian suffered from migraine attacks since sixth grade. She would avoid drinking alcohol with her girlfriends to avoid triggering a migraine attack.

None of us would have known their struggle with migraine unless they shared their experiences publicly. Remember: No one has the right to experience any form of stigma with migraine. Coping with migraine also takes time and there is no shame in learning more about the condition, making mistakes, and repeating this process. 

The best form of coping with migraine is self-empowerment. By understanding migraine through migraine tracking, you can better identify potential migraine symptoms and migraine triggers.

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