Key Features

Fast and simple Migraine recording

Recording a migraine is a breeze. Migraine Buddy offers an intuitive interface with an easy-to-use wizard style questionnaire.

identify triggers

Track your potential triggers every day to see which ones are the likely causes of your migraines.

Easily Communicate with your doctor

Provides insightful and detailed reports for your migraines. It helps identify potential triggers and lifestyle factors which could cause migraines. Also, it helps your doctor to assess the effectiveness of prescribed medication and relief methods.

Dare to Share Initiative

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Dare to share

Migraine is an invisible chronic disease.

From August 15th - September 15th - Dare to Share and start a conversation about migraine.

1 in 7 people silently suffer from migraine.

Tracking migraine triggers and patterns with Migraine Buddy can greatly reduce migraine days.

Help each other to take control and live life to the fullest!

Share and hashtag #daretoshareMB. To say thank you, the person with the most shares, per week, will be chosen to receive a $50 Amazon gift card. But we are grateful to all!

When we say share we mean - social media, printing and leaving in offices and noticeboards, videos you can post and more. All of the team at Migraine Buddy can’t wait to see! Have fun with it! #daretoshareMB

Thank you for being a part of our initiative.

Migraine Buddy Blog

Here we share stories, information and articles to help you on your journey. We are all Migraine Warriors!

Special communication: What you need to know about the Facebook login system when used with Migraine Buddy. Read more at this link

Migraine Buddy: Take Control. Start Recording Now!

User Reviews

Most helpful app I’ve ever used. This team of designers deserves a humanitarian award for such hard work & attention to detail that brings a FREE app to folks who need to share important data easily & quickly with their docs. Intuitive, simple to use with MANY helpful auto notifications that help me catch MONSTER migraines while they’re still babies. Wish I’d have had this technology 25-30 years ago. Life would have been rather different.

This app is a great tool to quickly enter in all of the potential factors contributing to your headache that you may not necessarily consider.
I love the trend charts and use them to notate trends on my blood pressure tracker. Because of this app and coordination of the results with my doctor, I have maybe 1/8 of the migraines I used to have.
THANK YOU!! :hearts:
Download this app! It’s fantastic.

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