What Does Migraine Aura Look Like?

Around 20-25% of time, people with migraines experience an aura before a migraine. An aura is basically a “natural alert” which lets you know a migraine is about to hit. It can last up to an hour before the actual headache. Migraine aura mostly causes visual disturbances although at times it can be sensory or olfactory as well.

So what does a migraine aura feel like? Some migraine sufferers described what they see and feel:

1) Many people said they see blind spots especially when they are trying to read either on the computer or a book


2) Others said their aura feels like looking at camera flashes


3) For many, aura is olfactory- either smelling things that aren’t there or a heightened sense of smell


4) Some people reported having double vision during a migraine


5) Many people see bright flashes and different colours appear before them


6) Often those colours appear in circular zig zag lines


7) A lot of people say their aura causes blindness which sets in gradually and results in about 75-80% blindness


8) Sometimes migraine aura can appear like blank TV channel fuzz before the blindness sets in


Many migraine sufferers say when you get a migraine aura, it’s better if you take your medication

Jenny from Migraine Buddy

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